Please click the image below for a full pipe crafting pictorial, from wooden block to finished pipe.








Pipe Craft

Each Pipe is hand crafted, one at a time, in my workshop. No two are alike. Every aspect of their design is carefully considered, from the airway and bowl shape, to the feel of the mouthpiece. They are made to feel balanced, light and comfortable in the hand. Every joint is constructed using a mortise and tenon, and often pinned into place, creating a superior bond. My pipes are not finished with anything, they are sanded and then buffed with buffing compounds to achieve a very smooth surface that retains the natural look, feel, and qualities of the wood. I care about the quality of my pipes and if properly cared for they are built to last a lifetime.


I slowly burn the bamboo untill I get the desired colour. This process also cures the sugars within, making it slightly harder. The long airway helps to cool the smoke, while the bamboo keeps the pipe light and strong.

African Blackwood

Used for most of my bowls. Exceptionally hard and heat resistant, ensuring that you taste only your smoking material and not burning wood. I also use it for my mouthpieces because of its natural resistance to human saliva.


This wood is bright red when first sanded with very interesting grain patterns. Over time (years, in my experience) this wood will change colour with exposure to UV light. The final colour will be between dark red and dark brown. To minimize colour change, keep out of sunlight.