The Experience

Consider the way in which a tree builds an archive within itself. Like a stylus on wax, these tall creatures of the wood resonate with their environments. They reveal the events of each growing season in their unique growth. The wood that each tree produces is a unique portrait of natural history.

Like trees, we are also connected to our surroundings. The places we travel and the things we gather are consumed by our senses, and through this process we are transformed. It is as such that I have grown to enjoy the company of the wild. I lose myself in places where the mind is saturated by the wonders of nature. This experience, or escape perhaps, is something that I have always attempted to capture. As a child, I was obsessed with bringing nature home with me, whether it be frogs, snakes, and insects, or rocks and animal bones I would never tire from the act of searching for that next thing to collect. As I grew older, I began to archive the landscape in photographs and sculpture. And seven years ago, I collected a piece of gnarled apple wood that I carved into my first hand made pipe. I have been making pipes ever since. And like most of my other artwork, each pipe tries to emulate my outdoor experiences.

I create my pipes with an understanding of my materials, and I consider these materials as works of art in themselves, infused with unique structural qualities. These qualities, such as the lightness and strength of bamboo, help to create functional designs inspired by nature.

When smoked, a pipe acts as the gateway between the smoking material and your body. So consider that experience and how the pipe adds to the overall pleasure. Beyond functionality, my pipes seek to inspire your senses, drawing you into natural history where we all have roots. Get back to those roots my friends, and enjoy.